Can anyone list the eligibility to apply for H1B under the Master's Quota?

I would like to know whether I can apply for H1B just one quarter before the course completion?

Is there any problem to take a quarter leave (will that affect H1B lottery under Masters quota?)

Is there any problem to go home country in between the course (normal Quartrer break/ one quarter full break for any functions like marriage, paternity etc?)

Is there any minimum years/months (for masters) that has to complete to eligible for the H1B under masters quota application?

Thanks In advance

1)Yes, your employer can file for your H1b while you are yet to graduate

  1. To go under Masters quota, you should have the course completed by April 1st i.e. have a copy of the degree certificate attached with the H1b application.

  2. To come back to USA you should have the OPT- EAD in hand along with employer letter stating that you are employed

  3. To enter into Masters quota you should have completed Masters degree in USA. If you have not completed, you will be entered into general quota.