can anyone help in f1 visa interview-urgent help please


my name is sairam.i just completed my btech

I got rejected two times in f-1 interview.All my documents are well and good.

for the first time he asked my savings .i told it was nearly 25lakhs.and then he asked the annual income of my father .at that instant i was little bit confused and i told little small amountb than atual.Then he asked about loan.i said that i was applied for loan and it was sanctioned.he then said that you have enough savings & income to fund your studies,why the need of loan?AND I GOT REJECTED

for the second time,he asked if i made any change for this turn.then i replied no,because all my documents are seemed to be good.he then asked for statement of bank.i passed it to him.he then asked why nearly 20 loakhs came to your a/c wth in a short span and it makes no sense.I explained him clearly and he said ok.But finally i got rejected.And the last sentence by him is if you want to re-apply then make sure thwt you came with a changed doccuments.

what’s my situation & which doccuments i need to change.

can i add my uncle as a sponser.he is working in a mnc company with a high salary.

please reply to my question as fast as you can