Can an H1B visa be rejected due low GPA (new graduate)?


I am an undergraduate student studying in one of the top 30 univeristies in the world and will be graduating in May 2013. A software giant in the US (Google/Microsoft/Dropbox/Twitter) has hired me and will be sponsoring my visa. My undergraduate GPA is only 3.0/5. I might be able to push it up to 3.4 by next semester. My low GPA is due to some medical conditiosn whicch affected me for about 2 years. after the issues, i took a break for a couple of semesters and returned back to school. Will I be rejected due to my low gpa?

Other things to note: I have lived in the US for 3 years during my childhood (my dad was transferred there, but we came back later).

H-1 will not be impacted by low GPA score.