Can a unused H1B Visa can be Transfered on CAP-exampt

Hi Friends,

Hi, I got a H1B visa stamped in 2001 validity for 3 year in passport, and due to some unavoidable circumstance I was not able to go to US and work for my employer and the initial visa stamping expired after 3 years . And now Im trying for H1 job again, Should I apply for a new H1B visa or can I transfer the Old H1B visa to my new employer?can  it be  cap-exampt FY2013-2014? Please let me know.

Can any friend confirm whether I am qualified to apply for the Cap-Exempt H-1B Petition/Visa now?

Coz one company offering me for H1 Transfer on cap exampt against fees.

Thank you!

Hi, I am in a similar situation as you. I had my H1b approved in June 2013 but it is unused and unstamped and has expired… I just checked case status EAC1314*** and it shows “Case was Approved…”. I’d like to know what happened to your case, did you file for cap-exempt? Were you able to get it approved? Please give some insight would really appreciate it!

Thanks for your time!