Can a revoked H1B be reinstated?

My brother got his H1B stamped from India in year 2015 for two years
And from then he never travelled to US
And his Employer revoked his H1B in year 2018
Now can he get his revoked H1B reinstated with the help of an other employer or does he need to go through visa lottery again

I have the same case. Can revoked H1B be transferred to any employer straight way or any work around?

What employer can revoke is H1b petition and can’t revoke anyone’s visa. Only US government officials from DHS or USCIS can revoke visa and they do that only in instances like fraudulent activity.

Once a H1B visa is stamped, that person will be eligible for cap exempt petitions and can get H1b status via new employer without going through lottery as long as last visa was within 6 years.