Can a person who is in H4-dependent visa, who has a bachelors degree in health system management switch to H1?

I’m going to be 19 very soon, I’ve been in the United States for eight years. My mom holds an H1-b visa. and I want to do Health System Management. Will a hospital process H1-B visa if I get a bachelors degree in (HSM)…I do plan on getting a masters but will they process H1-B visa even if I just had a bachelors degree. Because I heard that before turning 21 H4 students should find a job that process H1-b.

Yes, hospitals have capability to process cap exempt H-1B and the HSM discipline is respected. Your degree program should be of 4 years duration. I am not sure about H4 students having to find jobs before they turn 21, can you confirm the validity of the statement?