Can a new H1-B applicant simultaneously apply for H4 seeking EAD for spouse

My spouse’s employer is processing a H1B , can she add me in her application as H4 and can i seek for EAD ?
Can this be done simultaneoulsy when she applies for H1B ?

Will this be possible after the new rule for H4 EAD comes into effect after this May26,2015 ?

Yes, both can happen at the same time. One is non-immigrant visa benefit(H1B) another is immigrant visa benefit(H4EAD based on i140)

Thank you…just one more info to make myself more clear…
If she gets her h1b , can she apply h4 ead in a later point of time ? Does the new rule provide this ?

Yes, she can apply for H1 later, when she gets, she would lose H4 status(thus she would lose the EAD of it).