Can a mother get F1 visa for herself and take her minor son (on F2) to US

I have been married for the last eight years and I have a 6 yr old son. I have a brother (on F1) and a sister (on H1B) living already in US (brother since last 3 months and sister for 7 years). Due to some domestic disturbance in my marriage, my parents and my siblings want me to move to US. I am confident about giving the requisite tests like GRE, TOEFL and getting admission to a particular US college, what I am not feeling confident about is getting an F1 visa for myself and F2 for my dependent minor son. My husband won’t be accompanying me. It is like i will be seperating from him by moving to US. The consular officers may very well deduce from my case that i might be interested in settling in US. I can’t predict what will happen in the future right now nor do I have any such specific plans. They may also ask why suddenly I want to go to study and that to US. What should I do to make my case stronger.

Yes, you can go…

be careful…if your siblings are in US it might get difficult…keep enough balance to support u and ur kid…keep your profile good…GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/GPA/Work experience/Bank balance

But no one can predict …

Thank you for the reply. Can you or anybody please elaborate on how can having siblings in US might make it difficult for me to get F1 US visa depending on my situation quoted in the previous question. Only my sister who is on H1B can sponsor me.

you can come under category of potential immigrant …it all depends on officer . I dont mean to discourage you just pointing towards it. you should try.

Thanks a ton. I am trying to consider all the possibilities.

Sorry to hear about a difficult personal situation. Allow a university guidance counselor to work on your case and provide help as needed. Your child can travel on an F-2 visa, US law requires that the minor must attend school which is very low cost here. You can cite extreme personal trauma as a decision behind wanting to move to the US, it is well understood by consular officers and they will be sympathetic

Wish you the very best

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Hi I’m in the same situation now. Can you please let me know what happen to your visas?