Called for finger prints and interview after submitting passport in dropbox


I submitted my documents in vfs office in Hyderabad on 06/11/2017. I received an email on 09/11/2017 to come to US consulate for fingerprints and interview. I would like to know if any one have experienced the same in Hyderabad consulate.



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Hi same thing happened with me submitted documents on 7th and got an email on 13th asking to come to the consulate for finger prints and interview… did you get any update yet? Will there be an interview too or just finger printing ? I did not get my passport back… Can I go for finger printing and interview without passport … please let me know

Hi ,

Same thing happened with me… I submitted the documents on 9th and today i got the email asking to come for finger prints and interview. Did you guys attend for the interview ?? your response is highly appreciated

Vinay …did you get any update on this ? Will there be an interview too or just finger printing ?

Hi Vamshi, I attended the interview on 13th. It is pretty straight forward. Asked me where I am working, role, salary, and how long I have been working there. Visa has been issued. So I think no need to worry about it.



You can go to consulate with the email print out and another ID like drivers license or aadhar card or voters id. They will give your passports inside. You will need to go to a specific counter either 6!or 8. Security staff will let you know which counter to go. Then your fingerprints will be collected and if you are called for both finger prints and interview you will be directed to interview line else you will done. My finger prints and interview were both done and it won’t take much time.

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thank you for the update Vinay

Hi Vinay,
I attended the interview today and got 221g saying needs more administrative processing. Did you get your visa approved at consulate?

Same case with dropped documents on 11/13 , called for interview on 11/21 . Is there any additional documents required for interview?

Guys, for case of “fingerprint and interview” do you have to carry ORIGINAL latest petition ? I don’t have the original petition in my hand yet, can I go with copy of it ? OR should I reschedule the appointment for a later date ? Plz suggest.

Yeah my visa has been issued. I have yet to collect it.

@nick628 Hi, did you get your visa issued ?

Hi DevvinZ,

I was in the same situation and my Visa is approved but its still in Admin Processing for 10 working days now, Can you please let me know how many days it took in your case for passport to be ready for pickup.

Hi vineeth,

It took 5 business days after my visa is approved.


@newyearseenu Did you go with original petition or a photo copy for your interview?