Bringing Kid to USA after his visa expiry


My H1B visa is getting expired on 16th April 2017. My company has already filed extension for me and I got receipt number also. My kid and husband are in India. I want to bring my kid in USA but since I don’t have approved petition copy yet so can I bring my kid here alteast?

Thank you.

You will have to wait for approval notice in order for them to attend interview at the US consulate as your visa is expired, so I expect their visa stamp to have also expired.

Oh okay… thank you for your reply…
My kid and husband already have their H4 visa but it’s also getting expired on 16th April 2017. Is there any other way to bring my kid alleast???

No. You have to wait.

They can travel to USA until 16th April with valid visa but their extension of stay (H4 extension) application should be received by UISCIS by 14th April to continue to stay here after that.

So it is highly unlikely that immigration officer would allow a person in to be on H4 for 2-3 days validity and expect you to file H4 extension after the person is inside the country within the 1-2 days left out.