Bring Parents for grad walk

Need your inputs guys…

I was doing my Master’s and got graduated recently (December 2016). Currently I am on my F1-OPT ( first year) and got a full time opportunity which is supposed to start by February 2017.

I would like to bring my parents for my grad walk which is scheduled to be held on May 2017

Can anyone please help me as what are the documents which i need to show which will ease my parents visa. ( Whether i need to show my grad walk invitation letter or my employment letter or both and any other documents).

Hey Ashvanth,
I hope you got visa done for parents.
I am in same boat now as you. The only thing is that i am still student in last semester and want to get visa done for my parents.
Will you please guide me about steps and documents?
Thank you!


I showed my grad invitation letters,my employment letter and bank statements as additional documents.

But,if your parents are sponsoring by themselves you can send only your grad walk invitation letter which is more than sufficient.

Its pretty easy and no need to worry a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for quick reply!