Booking L1 appointment taking to confirmation page with showing consulate appointment option

I am trying to take an appointment for L1-blanket in CGI portal for me as primary applicant and my spouse and kid as dependents, but the appointment workflow doesn’t provide me a screen for consulate appointment and taking me to confirmation page immediately after OFC appointment.

The appointment shows regular to me, but in their backend system it’s tagged as ‘Interview Waiver’. Had multiple calls with UStraveldocs helpdesk and came to know that my profile is tagged with interview waiver and for L1 we need to have biometric and consulate appointment at Chennai.

They are unable to fix the problem and with multiple hit and trial they suggested i lost all rescheduling attempts and now MRV is invalid. I still don’t how to solve this problem with my profile if it tagged with interview waiver and even helpdesk team also doesn’t have any clue and they keep asking me to create multiple cases, but no resolution in last 10 days.

As we don’t get appointment with physical visits to embassy and i have no clue how do i solve this problem. Does anyone has any pointer? Does requesting to delete and recreate my profile from scratch would help solve this problem?

Any help or guidance is appreciated.