Bond break with H1B employer

I am on H1B visa through Desi consultancy and Can i Break the contract? As per the contract if i leave the company without serving 30 days Notice Period, Employer shall be authorized to withhold $ 25,000 towards the liquidated damages for the damages incurred by the Employer as a result of the Employee’s failure to give the requisite 30 days notice prior to termination. If the employer is unable to fully withhold $ 25,000 towards the liquired damages, Employee agrees to pay $25,000 or the entire balance amount due to Employer within the 30 days from the date of termination.

My questions are:- As per labor law is this contract justified? - If i break the Bond will there be any impact on my immigration status (My H1B will be transferred to another company) - Do I need to pay complete $25,000 if i break the contract?

  1. You should get it renewed with a labor attorney.

  2. No impact on immigration status

  3. The employer will have to show liquidated damages of 25K in order to get that from you (in a court). Just b/c they think it is 25K, doesn’t mean it is 25K of damages.