Bond Break with H1B employer after US H1B suspension due to COVID

Hi Guys,

I need some information on Bond breakage policies/rules with current employer. In last year lottery (2019) my profile got picked, went for further rounds and got valid stamped visa in Nov-2019. But i got validation upto dec 2019(suspecting premium process and project duration in SOW are the factors) which ended last year itself.

Again this year in Jan-2020 we again applied under non-cap and currently my petition is in processing stage( i can see Case Was Received on my petition status). But after COVID situation due to US govt. decision of suspending H1B till Dec-2020, this status may be same till next year and there won’t be any progress.

After trying for two times.currently i want to switch to other company to fill up my other financial issues. My doubt is as i don’t have valid H1B Visa do i need to pay any amount for current employer. (I remember we signed bond of 2.50 lacks for 2years at the time of processing) will this applicable now.