Blue Slip - Drop Box


I have submitted document on Sep 15th at chennai Drop Box office. And i received passport on Sep 28th with Blue Slip, asking for all documents (checked all box’s on left side) and appear for interview.

any idea why i have been issued with Blue Slip. I’m working for same petitioner for 6.5 years in US on same H1 B Visa category.

Is there any case who have been rejected after submitting required documents ?

Don’t know the exact reason but it maybe a random selection. There is also a a chance that when you appear for stamping, your visa is issued immediately and doesn’t go through the endless wait for administrative processing.


I got my VISA stamped. They took 5hrs to verify all documents which i submitted to consulate officer. I do not think this is random selection, i noticed many candidates who submitted documents in Drop box was issued with Blueslip for all type of VISA category.