Bio-metric test for EAD (L2) - Is it always conducted?

Hi Saurabh - We plan to apply for my wife’s EAD (L2). Our questions are

1.What is the average time for the bio-metric test appointment after we file the application?

  1. Is it true that the bio-metric test is not conducted for some cases? Are these cases random? Or are there some definite scenarios when this test is not conducted?

  2. If we miss the bio-metric test appopintment (my wife comes back to India), do we need to apply again? Or the application put on hold till we get the new test done?

Thanks in advance

Hi Babu:

Simple Google research answers all of your above questions.

Few cases(like a pregnant woman or any other medical conditions) could allow to postpone the biometrics but that delays the EAD process.

If you miss your Biometric appointment, you can call USCIS and request for another date. Also if you just miss a day or two, you can attempt to go to the same USCIS office where your Biometrics was scheduled, try to explain them. Most of the cases, they would take it. But if its too late, you may need to schedule a new date by calling the USCIS.

In general, its not recommended to skip the original scheudle since it delays your EAD process very substancial longer wait time.