BIB2 VISA renewal - Dropbox?

Hi my B1B2 tourist visa expired on 20th February this year and i had booked Biometrix interview at Chennai VAC on 23rd February 2020. Due to Corona it has since been postponed.

Now it seems other visa categories US embassy has started appointments. I have two questios.

1] B1B2 when likely to open?

2] Whether i am eligible for dropbox facility even without biometric since I am at Bangalore and being a senior citizen, I would like to avoid travel


  1. Not yet open for regular operations yet. We do not know.
  2. If your age is over 80 years, you maybe able to get dropbox appointment. The system will show the same, if you are eligible.

My US Visa expired in Feb 20. Now I filled Form D160, paid Visa Fee and when I go to Schedule OFC Appointment for Dropbox, it says “There are currently no appointments available”.
What shall I do ??
(I am posting my question here as could not find place to write)