Better options for part time MS in Computer science

I am on H1B having 10+ yrs experience in Software Industry. I did BE in Electronics and Comm. I stays at NC.

I wanted to do MS in Computer science on part time. But I don’t prefer to go again to study for GRE. Also don’t want to spend much on it.

I am very new to MS or GRE/TOEFL thing. Wanted to know is there any good College where I can do MS in less cost and without GRE (or if very necessary then in very less score in GRE or in any other exam)??

I know there are some University like Strayers use to do that. But I am looking for some better option or any pointers will help. Thanks in advance!!

Well, I am not sure, what your goal for MS is my friend. If you are just looking for a degree for a check in the box, there are many places…It is not just the admission, you will put in a lot of hours of your valuable time for MS and money as well…You do not want to look at yourself after 5 years and say, Damn, I did not do it in decent school and my degree and skills are worth nothing…

Anyways, I suggest you go and speak to few universities that are in your reach and ask them the details. Some schools offer you waiver, depending on your profile and some may ask you to take it…All in all, having a visit to few schools and speaking to them will be of great help.