Best option to apply for kid passport and wife visa extension

Hello All,

I am looking for the information on what will be the best thing should I do for applying my son’s passport in India and visa stamping for my wife.

Here is my situation

In my marriage certificate , my wife has name before with her surname and after with my surnameshe got a passport with her surname and even travelled to US with that passport only .In my son’s birth certificate , my wife name is with my surname .Now have the sent affidavit from consulate as am in US with same details as that of birth certificate and even it was attested by the consulate people.My wife has her surname in I539.

While applying the passport for my son, authority people have told my wife that either change her name in the passport with my surname or change with her surname in the birth certificate and get the new affidavit from here

I am thinking the best option is to apply for change of my wife name with my sur name in the passport and add my name as well which was not there earlier, in that way no need of new affidavit and change in birth certificate.

Also, my wife has to go for visa stamping, once have my son passport as my visa was expired earlier , so will there be any problem for her for stamping as name got changed ( Marriage certificate has both her ( before ) and my ( after ) surnames ) . will I539 issued with her surname will be suffice for stamping?

Any help is appreciated

Proceed with the name fixes in the passport first.

While applying for VISA, keep a covering letter and previous passport copy for reference.

Have her carry the copies of old, new and kids birth certificate ALSO a copy of application for requesting the name fixes in the passport (to prove that you have legally fixed the names and they are for the same individual in old passport and new passport).

Practically, you may not run into this complex problem in stamping process as this is pretty routine for married woman last names confusion.