Beneficiary Name Last Character Missing or truncated in my I 797 form

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I have a query regarding the Beneficiary Name displayed on my I-797 Form.

I see that my last character of my name is getting truncated in the I-797 form.

Name on Passport as well as on all other related documents appears correctly as:


And Name appearing on the I-797 form is as below :


As you can see the last letter ‘R’ is getting truncated in my I-797 from.

I guess the name is getting truncated due to the character length constraint for the beneficiary field.However, please confirm is it will be an issue at the time of Visa Interview? Also should i specifically highlight the consulate regarding this truncated letter ?

Request you to answer this query asap as I have my visa interview early next week.

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Truncation is machine logic driven, they have your full name on file. All the best with your interview, let us know of outcome here.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Hi Paras, I am in the same situation as yours as per what you have mentioned above. In my approved I797C (H4) form my first name which is my name + fathers name is also missing last letter. same as yours i.e last letter in my fathers name. Based on this approved I 797C (H4) I was planning to file for change of status i.e. H4 to H1 and start working for my employer. Please let me know if this incorrect name will cause any issues in filing change of status at USCIS. Did you face any issues. Did you get it corrected. Sorry for all the blunt questions. Your answers would greatly help me. I am losing my sleep and comfort over incorrect name issue. Please please help.

Hey, just to let you know you don’t have to worry about the name truncation issue. This is due to the machine that prints your name accepts only certain number of character for printing. I did not find any issues in the entire process. I did not get it corrected either as it dint require any correction. :slight_smile: All the very best in the process.

At the time of writing this answer(May 2018), It looks like USCIS has only 18 characters (including spaces if any) for the GIVEN NAME field. Your name will be printed as LASTNAME, GIVEN NAME. If your GIVEN NAME(which is usually your name + middle name) is longer than 18 characters, than it will skip any characters trailing the 18th character. In most of the cases you DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THIS. Make sure whatever is printed is correct except missing characters.

For example,

REDDY(5 characters), VENKATAN RAMAKRISHNAN(21 characters) will be printed as

REDDY(5 chars), VENKATAN RAMAKRISH(18 chars).

Hope this helps !

In my form I-797C, Notice of Action my last name is printed twice. Could you please let me know if this will be an issue?

Hi Paras,
I m also facing same issue. Can you please share your experience ? Did anyone faced issue during interview? What to say if it gets noticed by Visa officer?


@s_kk , as the user @Paras16889 mentioned, there were no issues. It is fine. Nothing to worry.

Thanks. We had the same thing happen and were worried it would cause an issue even though all forms had the full name. Thanks for posting this. Helps put our minds at ease.