Bank Statements For Interview in Hyderbad

Hi Saurabh,

Thank you very much for your replies.the only last query for me would be,Is it mandatory to have bank statements for interview with VO in Hyderabad or else only experience letter and pay slips are enough ??

Would they be asking for Bank statements as well.i work in a company which is a start up it had started in August and working From Day One Of the Company start and they dont have a salaried account they only give us cheques and cash sometimes.

Now my employeer who are trying to make H1B for me is an 8 years old established company in USA

Please let me Know

Santosh Pisipati

You mean bank statements from your Indian account? They are not required for H-1 filing or stamping.

Yes present working company bank-statements in India

Are bank statements necessary if I work in Uk??