Bank statement query

I just completed my Btech in August 2015. Since then, i’ve been working for a startup company.
Firstly. I want to ask that is Bank statement required for h1b interview? If yes, my next question is:
I have two bank accounts , from one I had made payments for courses like udemy,paid in us universities for my friend…I.e. paid in USD. Should I take the statement of other account just to avoid any queries regarding foreign investment?

Bank statements are not required for H-1 stamping.

Thank you so much Saurabh!

I would also like to ask : I live in India and as I did an unpaid internship in US, should I mention this in my previous employment section of DS 160 form?
Kindly advise.

As per the above link, bank statement is required but you are saying that it isn’t required. I am confused. Kindly clarify.

Your Indian bank statements are not required for H-1B stamping.

You should mention that unpaid internship. What visa were you on while doing that internship?

I was on J1 visa during that unpaid internship

You should be truthful and include that internship.

Thank you so much for helping me out!

I just wanted to ask, should I take my parents ITR documents to show that they funded my intern?

Well IMO they are not required as you are going for H-1 and not J-1. They have already verified all your funds etc when they issued J-1 for you. If you still want to take it and have it, then go for it.