Background verification of USCIS for Previous experience-Pls reply asap



First of all I am apologizing for my fake experience because i know it is affecting the genuine professionals but here as there is no way to get job for peoples who missed campus placements and fired by performance. I am also one among them as fired by one IT company after initial 0.8 year 


After I had taken 3 years fake experience from one consultancy. By using this, I have joined One of the reputed CMM level 5 company in India. Here i have been working since 9 months. My current company is applying H1B visa for me. I am not interested but my manager has nominated me.


I want to know, Does USCIS will verify my previous experiences ? What kind of verification they will do for experience like by mail, by call, or directly? However my previous fake company still located on same location & they can attend the verification as well.

Suppose USCIS found my previous experiences is fake, will this affect my current employment ? My rest of the documents are genuine except this 3 years fake experience.


Please let me know the required details asap

I’m not sure how deep does the uscis go for background checks but I don’t think they call ex employers. And you shouldn’t be worried as this issue will always be there even if you apply after some more time. So go ahead and apply and have confidence.

Thanks Prasenjit for your information

Hi skkkks, What happened to your visa and verification? Everything went good? I an having the same problem. My company is processing L1 visa for me… Next month is the interview. Please reply asap.