Background verification for H1-B

Hi all,

My current employer filing my H1-B this year and i have total 3.5 years of experience, 2.5 in the current employer and 1 year from previous company. So my question is that my previous company is closed now and there is no mode of contact available for verification and i have attached my previous company relieving letter with all the required document. So guys please help to understand that how they do background verification call, email or anything else.

They understand that companies close over period of time. So it is ok and nothing to worry about. You have already submitted the relieving letter and have updated the resume.

Only if you qualify for the offered H-1 position based on that 1 year of experience and they have doubts about your letters, will they try to contact that company. In this case, you can submit information about your previous manager or ex-colleagues etc.