back to country with Single entrance F1 visa because of emergency matter?


My husband has Single entrance F1 visa and I have F2 visa.

My Mother in law has a bad Cancer and she really needs to see us and My husband also (he is so sad because of this matter and he couldn’t concentrate on his research in Phd very well)!!!

I want to know Can my husband and I get permission and back to our country (Iran) for a month and then back to US with out getting new visa?

Many Thanks,


If it is a single entry, you might have to get a new stamp for coming back in. You might want to re evaluate your chances of how good it is to get a new stamp.

If you can provide the same circumstances to the VO, I feel it would be acceptable, since your previous case already lead to an approved F1.

Bear in mind, you still run a risk. So its best if you analyze thoroughly

Sorry to hear about it.
I think, you have to weigh your options. There is remote possibility of denial when your are in good standing with the university, made enough progress in your research, and has an ailing mother to see back home.

VOs are not stupid. Make sure you have enough evidence to prove to the VO,while you go for a second round of interview.

All the best.