BA (Economics) & MBA (Marketing) from Pune University-India

Sandeep Singh: currently I am in Jersey City on H4 Visa, I am applying for a H1B Visa, had a talk with some H1B Visa sponsor and some of them raised a query, which is as below:

My Educational & Work Experience details are as follows: 

[b]Educational Details[/b]

*Bachelor of Art's B.A. (Specialization in Economics- Year 1998)

*Master's in Business Administration M.B.A (Specialization in Marketing- Year 2000)

*Certification from Aptech Education Services, Pune (Year 1997)

*Certification in SAP Sales & Distribution from SAP AG Labs, Germany (Year 2009)

[b]Work Experience Details[/b]

*Experience in Marketing (Sales) from Year Sep' 2000 till July 2007

*Experience in IT (SAP) from Aug 2007 till date


Now my query: Am I eligible for applying for a H1B Visa with the above qualifications as stated above ? The consultants with whom I had a talk some told me that I may not be eligible for applying for a H1B as I don't have a Degree In Computer Science or IT, is this the case, Am I be able to apply for a H1B with the above educational & work experience credentials ? Kindly suggest as I am a bit confused on this part

You need to eligible on 2 fronts:

  1. For H-1: You need to have at least 4 years of college degree (equivalent to US Bachelors). If not, you should have at least 3 years of relevant work experience for each missing year of education. So you should get your degrees and mark sheets evaluated by an education equivalency agency in US to know whether you have sufficient education or if you still qualify based on education and experience.

  2. For job position: You need to have enough education and experience to qualify you for the offered position. If the Comp Sc is a must for the offered position, then you are out of luck. If the position accepts non-Comp Sc with sufficient years of work experience, then you may qualify.

Still your application may go into RFE where USCIS can ask how you qualify for the offered position. The employer cannot tailor the position to qualify you. You will have to show how your education and experience qualifies you for the each requiement for that position.

You are a SAP specialist with original SAP-AG, Deutsch experience. You should be able to defend your case as long as new employment is in SAP and your prior education adds to your qualification in the new workplace

Dr. Sandeep Shankar


Colorado Heights University