B2 visitor visa for parents

Hello All,

I am sponsering my parents visitor B2 visa from India to USA , But in my passport my mother’s name is XY and her name is YX. Her passport has her correct name YX.

Basically My passport has her in correct name. So precautionally she did affidavit syaing XY and YX is her name only.

Now in her DS 160 form do I need to mention that she has know by two different names???

She is a Govtt… employee and all of her official document has her name as YX only. ( which is her correct name).



US information systems list names as first name - last name order only on computers. The DS-160 should list her name as Y-X and there are no other names to be listed on the form. How the passport lists the name is also not important. The ‘one and same person’ name affidavit is useful to carry but will not be asked.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu