B2 visitor visa for my father-inlaw


I want to bring my father-in-law to usa.Please giev details stpes and procedures.My father-n-law retired government employeeand he is getting pension.My queries are as follows

he is widower and only daughter and she is my wife.will it any problem getting visa?

he don’t have any assets othern than pension.As i heard need to show assets some good amount.Will it be a problem getting visa?

his passport and his voter’s identity card address same,and now he is staying different address…will it be a problem?

Please clarify my queries and give me details stpes and procedures getting visitor visa.

Dear Vishwagopal,

His being a widower and yr wife being his only child does not necessarily make his case difficult.

Consulate never asks for or sees any asset.

Those advising about Assets and Property etc are plain illiterate in the matter of visitor visa for USA.

Previously there used to be official guidance sheet from consulate. In the new system it is not there.BUT NO assets or Property . In the last 5 years in any consulate in India, NOBODY has ever been asked about any property.

If his present address is different from passport , no problem

Your and your wife’s position should be legal and proper

If the case is presented and prepared properly,

your father in law should get visa

Deepak Deshpande , Nagpur


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May I suggest looking at one of the user’s experience where they were asked about the property - http://redbus2us.com/visitor-visa-b2parents-usa-documentation-stamping-experience-2011-hyderabad-india/

The officer needs to determine that the applicant is not a potential immigrant, and this is often demonstrated by social and financial ties to the home country.

Dear Saurabh,
Thanks for pointing out the post. But I insist that I am right.This is NOT OBSTINACY.I shall separately ask for Ramakanth’s gather’s phone no and talk to him personally and revert on that.
However for the time being I am assuming and conceding that Ramakanth’s father was asked that question.
But I submit that it was no more than a routine harmless question like what does your wife do ?
Ans she is a housewife.
They would have got the visa even if he had no property.
A few Facts for yr information:
Prior to 26 th sept 2012, There used to be Official Guidance sheet from Consulate for visa applicants. The guidance sheet never had anything like - Property mentioned on it.DS 160 Form does NOT ask about property. It does ask about Income.UK visa form asks for property.
I have handled customers from all over India . During last 5 years nobody was asked to show any property papers
On 23 July 2012 I had a personal meeting with American Consulate Visa Officer who visited Nagpur at the Invitation of Vidarbha Industries Association. She confirmed indirectly that Property is not the parameter seen by the consulate .
Regarding -Applicant being potential immigrant and seeing social and financial ties is just a hog wash. printed on the rejection letter.
I have seen so many widows , single persons without property , those whose only child is in America - All getting visa.
And those with property, other children , good income have visa rejection
Parameters for granting and rejection of visa are much more than mere Potential Immigrants.
These days in 8 cases out of 10 visa is granted or rejected without seeing any document.
This does NOT mean that visa is granted or rejected as per whim, luck or randomly.They do have uniform norms across India
Parameters also keep changing. About 5 years back Greencard holders parents were denied visitor visa. Now it is granted .
I repeat property does not matter. The case is looked at in totality and decided
Also,- I shall personally talk to Ramakanth’s father and revert.