B2 Visa Parents - Process, Documents, PayStubs Info?


I need help related to B2 visa. I’m doing it for my parents. If there is anyone who have their parent’s visa approved in recent past, please help me with your inputs on the below questions.

  1. What are the documents required for B2 visa application visa interview as per the latest approvals?
  2. How many latest paystubs are needed at the visa interview? Recently I was on leave and my paystub in the last 2 months is inconsistent, will this effect the B2 visa approval?
  3. I have an elder brother who also lives in US, do both of us need to send our paystubs?

Check B2 Parents Visa Documents for entire process and list of docs.
Usually 3 to 6 months, they are just additional supporting info and may not be the decision factor.
Whoever is sponsoring the trip, it is their documents that are required to carry…