B2 VISA interview with multiple children in USA


My mom has an upcoming B2 Visitor VISA interview in a couple of weeks. I had a couple of questions related to the VISA interview.

Context: We are a big family of 6 siblings with 3 in the USA (2 green cards, 1 H1-B) and the remaining 3 in India. My mom will be traveling solo as our father passed away long back.

  1. Is it a red flag in a VISA interview that there are multiple children already in the USA? What is the best way to counter that?
  2. My mom is not educated and I fear that she will not be able to communicate the places where we stay in the USA or names of our companies or any finer detail if asked in the interview. What is the best way to handle that? Shall I put all the details of me and my siblings in the cover letter and ask her to present to the VISA interviewer if she is not able to answer the questions in the VISA interview?


Not at all as far as the intent is to visit and come back.

She can use an interpreter to communicate. As far as she can provide sponsor names and their employment ( job, business etc) it should be fine.