B2 Visa for sister under 18 Years age

I am applying for B2 Visa for my sister along with my parents. She is 17 years old. I am currently in the United states with H1b VISA. I would like to invite my family to spend some time during her summer holidays after 12th grade. She will be joining Engineering after her holidays. Would like to know what kind of questions she will face during the visa interview? Could anyone help me with your suggestions or experiences to get the VISA?


Usually the Visa Officer want to check the intent and your ties back home. Some of the common questions would be around areas like

  • What are your plans during vacation
  • Do you plan to study
  • Would you like to settle down there with your family
  • Who will pay for your trip
  • Do you intend to return back ?

It is good to carry supporting documentation about her education and her college details, if she has some admissions or something in mind.
She needs to be truthful and answer to the point.

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Thank you very much for the info. My parents and sister got the B2 VISA.

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Awesome, would you mind sharing their experience at in our User Experiences category like questions asked, process, etc. It will help community.