B2 visa denied with 214(b)

My mom’s B2 visa is refused with 214b. She asked for tamil translator, but still she got English interviewer and asked questions in English. She got tensed and said she could not understand english, then they called an interpreter and the interpreter translated questions in tamil. My father is died long ago and my brother is working in UK. My mom is living alone in India and she is not working currently. They just asked about family and did not ask about income and property details or any documents. I think they rejected her visa because she does not have strong ties(both sons are abroad). Can you please help me with the below questions in this scenario,
Can I schedule her interview again immediately or Should wait for sometime?
Can say my brother is working in Chennai instead of UK?
If they ask why previous visa is refused, Can she say that she did not perform the interview well as the questions were asked in English even though she requested interpreter?

She can prove her ties in below ways.

  1. Real estate in her name.
  2. Any retirement savings, monthly pension deposits, insurance policies in her name.
  3. Gold/silver in bank.
  4. Any medical conditions for which she needs regular consultation/care from her doctor in India.
  5. Proof of her close relatives like her siblings living in India.

Carry all above documents to next appointment if any of above applies to her.
In a nutshell, she must have strong supporting documents to prove the she will be just a visitor and be back to India.

She can schedule anytime.

I wont suggest providing false information.

If thats the fact then yes.