B2 visa application for parents sponsored by L1 holder moved recently(1 month) to USA.

Scenario: I would like to get my parents to USA on B2 and their stay would be around 4 months.

My status: I just moved into USA on L1-B, like a month ago, and I just got my payroll started. I have my wife with and she is not employed as of now. I lived in various countries working for various customers.

Parents status: Aged between 46-48, Dad used to do business longtime back and nothing as such, no big property on their name, we have a house and it is registered on my name. 5-8 lacs are available in their bank account. Mom is a house maker.

Sibling Status: Younger to me, married and is living in Wisconsin since 3 years. un employed and a house maker, Brother In-Law works for US firm and he is in a position cannot sponsor a visa.


1 - Can I sponsor a visiting visa to my parents? considering i moved recently

2 - Since my father is not employed or either earning income, what evidence can he have to show immigration that he will come back to India.

I appreciate if someone can show me a way forward to bring my parents into USA

Thank You.

  1. Yes. Attach your salary slip, employment letter and bank statement. There is no correct number for the bank balance, but higher the better.

  2. There is not much you can do in your case. They can carry property documents and say that even though you own it, they reside there as they are retired/unemployed. If they are involved socially (volunteering), they can highlight that.