B2 Visa Application for my Sister

I wanted my sister to visit me in California, USA for a small vacation. She is married and working at an MNC at India. I had the following questions

  1. What documents are required from my end to be sent to her ?

  2. What are the various documents that she needs to present at consolate ?

  3. Is it possible for me to sponsor her visit ?

Please feel free to add any other necessary information related to the topic. I will be highly thankful for the above.

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Invitation letter to visot you.
Your employment verification letter stating your status (H1B), role and salary.

Travel itinerary
Her financial assets - bank statements, property valuation report etc
Employment verification letter
If she is married, proof of marriage

Sure but if she is employed, she shpuld aelf sponsor. If you are sponsoring, fill out I-134 form and give to her to take it to interview.

Refer below

Thank you so much for your reply. One more question, how do we get evaluation repost for the bank and the assets she has in FD and SIPs?? From financial perspective? @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

Bank statements are good enough. For property a certified valuer is good.