B2 to F1 or Overstay


I recently got B2 visa M for 10 years for me, my wife and son. I will be visiting US in june.

  1. I would like to know whether can I convert from B2 to F1? If yes what are the chances of getting it?

  2. Is it better to overstay or apply for conversion from b2 to f1? If I am rejected for converting from b2 to f1 and I return to India, what happens when I return to US on B2 again? Will I be given entry at Port of Entry?

  3. If I stay in US on B2 for more than five years even after expired I-94. What will be the problems I may face in the future. Will my son also face any problems of me overstaying.


  1. This is possible. Chances of approval will depend upon the F-1 documents - school, I-20, funding etc

  2. DO NOT OVERSTAY. Timely file for F-1 COS. If denied, leave US. If approved, start studying on F-1. F-1 COS denial will not impact the existing F-1.

  3. This cannot be a serious question. This is illegal.