B2 refused 214b

brother and family ( wife and 2 kids in college) applied for b2 to visit mother who came to US rright before covid and stuck due to covid. due to health unable to travel and surgery, wanted to see son and kids. so we applied. all docs of proof for property for him, bank statements etc were there.
they ask why all 4 has to go see mother/grandma and refused visa. asked how many siblings in US and there are 3. one in India on his side and all SIL’s family in India. No intent to stay in US for good.
brother and family have to get back due to college and work and also cited seeing mother to support her since she cant travel is the primary.
translator was there and kid fluent in english could not chime in and was asked to go back.

Any way to strengthen and reapply. the only goal is to spend 3-4 weeks max with mom as she is unable to travel and health reasons. how soon can we reapply. Also not sure if dates are there. this was a lucky blessed opening we thought , but turned out to be unfortunate.

Should he just apply himself? or he and his wife or he and one of his kids? Any thoughts? How soon also can it be applied

Your brother can apply again any time. This time just have your brother apply instead of whole family.

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if he only applies will it be seen as he might come here and stay for work while the wife and kids are back home? would both brother & his wife applying be better?
they had applied 10yrs back and were also given 214. no reasons and we assumed since kids were small and he was younger they thought he might stay back. Again 100% no intent to stay back - it is only a month visit we are looking forward to.

Would applying to another consulate make any difference?

What to answer if they ask why was it rejected ?

Thank you so much for your time and help


Asap, any time.