B2 parents visa while i have L1 but i am in home country

I moved to US 3 months back on L1 but have recently came to home country due to projecg activities for 3 weeks. I want to take my parents for 2 months vacation with me.

Can i apply for their B2 visa while I am in home country? Will this have any implication as i am sponsoring their visa but i am not in USA?

I do not have permanent address as yet in usa as i was living in hotel. Can i give hotel address on parents ds160 for their trip? will this have negative affect?

i am only child and parents are senior citizens retired. all my family members, uncles and aunts live close to my house in india. mom has property on her name? Any things i should keep in mind for documentation?

Should i apply now or should i go back to usa and then apply after 3 weeks? pls advice

You can apply and give your hotel address. Give them proof of your bank statements, that you have enough money to support them, proof of stay in hotel for the past 3 months etc.