B1 Visa Interview , Passport was collected by VO Status - Passport is still with US Embassy

Hi I had applied for B1 Visa at New Delhi US embessy on 2nd September 16.

VO asked Following Question -

VO - Why do you want to go to USA

Ans - Since My indian company is acquired by a US company and I am the CEO of the company so in order to have meeting with Board of Directors and other C positions , to Participate in General Meeting to discuss the further Business and Revenue Plan/ Road Map for the Indian Company.

VO - Are you the founder of the company

Ans - Yes I am the founder of the company.

VO - Monthly Income -

Ans - Answered - Pretty good salary i Draw

VO - Duration of the trip

Ans - ten days

VO - Married of Single

Answered - Married , Told him, Recently got married , VO smiled and Congratulated me

VO - So where you been to your honeymoon

Ans - France , ITATLY and Greece ( Though i have already traveled more than 10 counties for business trip in the last four Year.

VO - Returned my Old Passport and kept the New one and advised " You would hear from us when your Visa is ready .

I received call from US company - they received a voice email to confirm my invitation and they would call again on Monday

Status i see while tracking my Visa - Your Passport is still with US Embassy"

VO - Did not look at any document i went with like my Invitation letter, financial of company and personal, Merger doc etc.

Could you help , is there any chances they can reject my Visa too… All the informations are right and my Employer can provide clarity about my invitation , and if they do not talk to right people who have no idea about my invitation then , will they reject my Visa ?

Please advise …

5th was labor day holiday in US. So if everything went fine, your status should change to Issued (or something) within couple of days.

Did you follow-up w/ your US company if they received another call from the consulate?

Hi ,

Thanks for your response. I received 10 Year B1/B2 Visa Yesterday.

Thank you very much for all support.