B1 Visa Cancellation Process Required


I have been issued a 10 year multiple entry B1/B2 US visa on my passport. The client invitation letter to obtain this visa was provided to me by my employer that I am working for the past 15 months.

The company is not under the EVP program with the consulate, so the consulate and had done a complete due deligence with my personal bank accounts and my ties in India before granting me a visa. [b]I have travelled on this visa to US only once and now am back in India.[/b]

I intend to resign from the services of this company. Can someone guide me the process on how to get the same initiated?

OR is B1/B2 visa transferrable ? i.e. I join a new company and get transferred. Is that possible?

Would appreciate your quick response


B1 VISA can be used for a different employer, until its expiration date.

Excerpt from New Delhi Embassy website:

[b]I received a B1/B2 visa from a previous employer. If I have left that job, is it still valid for traveling with a new company or will that visa be cancelled?[/b]
The visa is valid until its expiration date. B1/B2 visas are issued to individuals, not employers.

[Frequently Asked Questions](http://newdelhi.usembassy.gov/nonimmigrant_visas/frequently-asked-questions.html)