B1 status to H1

I have already been to USA on H1 visa in Nobv 2009 and returned back to India in Feb 2010. I have an employer willing to hire me but he says I travel to USA on visitor visa and he will file for H1 petiton in due course.
Is this possible and do I have to come back to India for H1 visa stamping.

Your employer wants you to enter US on B-1/2 and then he will file COS from B-1/2 to H-1B. This is being done to avoid H-1B visa stamping as (most likely) this employer doesn’t have active projects for you.

I assume this is a consulting company. Ask them if they have any projects for you in US, and whether they will pay the salary in US when you are on bench.

What they are suggesting to do is misuse of tourist visa. You will be entering on B1/2 even though your intent is to work on H-1B.