B1 for cancelled due to 5 month stay l . Is it possible to file B1 again ?

Hi Everyone ,

My B1 got cancelled when i went for H1 stamping as I failed to convince the consulate why I spent 5 months in US on B1 .

Is it possible to apply for B1 again or will I never be able to apply for B1 ?

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Ashish Jindal

For some people they used to cancel the previous/existing B1 visa’s (rare cases it used to happen)when they attend for H1B interview. It doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for B1 again in future. It depends on the need. If there is a genuine need you can apply

did they then also deny your h1?

They put my h1 into administrative processing but after 4 months of wait and verification at their end ,it was finally approved .