B1/B2 Visitor Visa - First-time Applicant

Hello All,
I have been wanting to visit to USA for leisure purposes and hence I have applied for USA Visitor Visa in September, 2022. Since no earlier appointment dates were available for first-time Visitor Visa Applicants, I got the appointment for Visa Interview for April, 2025. A huge waiting period…! Thereafter in this year in January, new appointment slots were released and I managed to get new appointment for February, 2024. Is there a possibility to get appointment slots in this year 2023? I have selected Mumbai Consulate for my interview since I am from Gujarat.

Can anyone throw some light how to get early visa interview appointment? My purpose of visit is for leisure and I don’t have any family member living in the US. Only some friends and extended family relatives are based in the US.

Thank you.

Hello All,
I am pleased to share that I was successful to get early appointment dates for my USA Visitor Visa Interview in Mumbai. Yesterday, they were giving dates for September, 2023. Please continue to daily check the “Reschedule my appointment” section in your Account, to not miss out on any opportunity to avail early dates. Cheers!