B1/B2 visitor visa drop box availability in Chennai

Hello all,

I’m trying to book drop-box appointment for my parents in Chennai. I’ve been checked few times everyday. It always shows no appointments.

  1. Did anyone book Interview waiver appointment in Chennai?
  2. Did anyone book regular appointment in Chennai?

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.

Quick question, how do you chose the appointment to be either Interview Waiver or regular. Doesn’t system automatically decide? Please advise.

The issue I’m facing is “there are no OFC appointments” to check/click on. I presumed, upon selecting a slot (date/time) then when you go to subsequent step, you’ll have the option to answer questions and thus fall into “interview waiver”. Because, until selecting slots for OFC, the system has not stated that my parents qualify for interview waiver. hope that helps.

Hi Ram - I am in the same boat. Did you have any luck getting an appointment for dropbox at Chennai and if so, how ? Can you pls share the details ?