B1/B2 Visitor Visa Drop Box Appointment

My US Visa expired in Feb 20.
Now I filled Form D160, paid Visa Fee and when I go to Schedule OFC Appointment for Dropbox in New Delhi,
it says “There are currently no appointments available”.
There is no indication as to when shall I check again ??
What shall I do ??

You need to continue to check them. They release appointments weekly…It is hard to get them now a days as many are waiting for the dates and very few appointments are available.

please mention the same answer as," Note:you need to continue to check. they release appointments weekly…" just beneath the the statement :" There are currently no ofc appointments available." Thus you can relieve panic and confusion and give solace to old people like me.
your services will be greatly appreciated by all.
thanking you,
yours sincerely,