B1/B2 visa validity after getting H1B visa stamping

Hi All,

I got H1B visa stamping last month & that is valid till Oct'2016. But still i haven't entered USA & waiting for my USA Employer to inform me about joining & client details.... but i want to travel to USA for vacations/Medical treatment this Month on my B1/B2 visa.


Just want to know if my B1/B2 ( Validity till 2022) visa status is still valid even i got H1B stamping before joining my USA employer? 


MY question are :

A) Can i travel on my B1/B2 visa to USA even i got H1B visa stamping  which is valid till 2016?

B) what are the document i need to carry at EP?



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A) Yes, you can travel on B1/ B2 Visa to USA. At the port of entry you would have to mention that you are entering US for vacation or business meetings on B1/B2

B) Carry the documents that are related to your travel to US. If it is vacation, the required hotel and return tickets info. If it medical treatment, the same document, if it is for meetings, the information on the same.