B1/B2 Visa to F2 Status Change?

Dear All,

Am currently holding a B1/B2 Visa which i got it through my company, But i never traveled and i think there is no dependency with the company too. And my wife is pursuing her masters so i would like to accompany her.

My question is can i travel to US on B1/B2 visa with an invitation from my brother who is in US and then can i request for B1/B2 to F2 (dependent for my wife, she will be on OPT from Dec 2016).

Kind request to guide me the best way. And also do lemme know the possible ways.

If your wife still needs to appear for F-1 stamping, then you should just appear along w/ her for F-2 visa stamp and get it.

Thanks for your reply sir.

Am already on F1 visa and it is still valid for next 3 years. So now i want to go an join her as dependent. So i wanted to which would be the best way to go there. I see there are two options.

  1. Go there on B1/B2 visa which i already have it and then request for a change of status from Business to F2 in US
  2. Once she get into the OPT period and get into any job and am planing to apply for F2 visa stamping in INDIA.


Theoretically it is possible to enter US on B-1/2 and then apply for COS to F-2. However, you need to watch out for “intent”. Even though you entered on B-1/2 your intent was always to move to F-2 by applying COS. This could be an issue if COS is applied within 30 days of landing in US. The chances of RFE due to this intent are pretty low if applied after 90 days.

Thank you sir.

So how about applying for F2 which will be dependent on F1 once my wife gets into any full time job on OPT ?

May I know, were you successful to change the status from B1 to F2? I am in the same situation.

Could you please suggest any immigration lawyers, who are specializing in this change of status from B1 to F2?

Yes, I applied for a B2 to F2 and COS and it is approved. And we did it ourself. Mail me if you have any questions. pykdotvyasatgmaildotcom

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Saurabh, I’d like to discuss a bit more about this subject, as I 'm in a similar situation. Could you please provide the contact details? Thanks!!

How long did it take for approval? And what supporting documents did you attach with the form?

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