B1/B2 Visa Times Clarification (double-trouble!)


I’m finding quite conflicting information on the web. What is the approximate wait time to get a visa appointment for B1/B2 in India, say Chennai?

Secondly, how long does it take from the interview date to getting the visa and the passport? Is it really possible to get both the same evening as mentioned on the consultate website?


I am not sure about wait time in Chennai,

But in Mumbai it is about 1 week… I recommend taking appointment after 2 weeks and avoid close dates of appointment.

Again I am not sure about Chennai, but in Mumbai , normally visa is sent next day by courier.

But evenif it is delivered same day in Chennai,

do not be very sure about it. There is always a possibility of delay of 1 or two days.

There have been cases of husband wife being granted visa together on same day .But passports were despatched on different dates

Thanks Sudeep. I am a little confused by the second line in your reply. Are you saying that it is possible to get a visa interview appointment in Mumbai consulate just one week before the required date? That is, you can get an appointment for Feb 10 if you apply today?