B1/B2 Visa stamping needed again

Hi My In-Laws visited B1/B2 visa 2020 USA they stayed here more than sixmonths due to severe covid situation 2020 they stayed 1 month extra given admitted time between their extension before expiry i applied for B1/B2 extension USA i had uscis reciepts both of them & flight tickets they left aftet when uscis extension pending & biometrics appointment came up not attended they were india i uploaded their not availability uscis website & later after year extension rejected
They want visit USA next 3 months
this can problem when enter POA USA with previous visit stay they both has up to visa 2030 will they need attened again visa interview india?
Iam little skeptical please any suggestions


If I understanding correctly, they came to US during 2020 and overstayed for a month due to COVID situation. It appears that you requested extension prior to the expiry of D/S date. It appears that their original visa stamping is valid till 2030.

Right now, we don’t know whether there will be any issue or not at the port of entry when they come to the US in 2024.

You could email the consulate with the necessary details and get their feedback. You could also contact an attorney and get their feedback. I prefer contacting the consulate.

They entered USA without hassle with previous extension reciept POE no question was asked .