B1/B2 visa renewal rejected. Despite having excellent travel records to 5 european countires and 9 other developed countries

I have been travelling to us since 1999 on b1/b2 visa, from 16 years of age. I had 3visas 1 with 6months validity 1 with 5 yrs and last one with 10yrs validity. I used to visit my uncle who is a us citizen, then my sister went there for her studies and used to visit her once a year for maximum 1month, then she came back to india after compeleting her studies. I again visited usa 2 times to see my uncle(after my sister returned from usa after finishing her studies) The maximum i stayed in usa under this visas was 50 days during the course of 20years of travel history that too in 2008 except that i only stayed for 1 month max. My visa had expired in 2017, i met with an accident and broke my tibia bone and it took me approx 1.5yrs to recover, was ineligible for interview waiver hence i applied for renewal with interview because more than 1year had passed after expiry of last visa. I had been usa 12 times and also been to 6 countries in europe that includes uk, and schengen countries, other countries in asia that includes dubai, singapore, thailand, china, hongkong, macau on visitor visa. I have never overstayed in any of these countries including usa. Have never voilated any law including immigration laws of any visiting countries. I own a petrol pump in india and im in construction and real estate business, have huge amount of lands across different cities in india. Despite all this my visa was refused under 214(b) without giving any proper reason/justification.that too 2 times. I had all the supporting documents with me at the time of interview but the consular officer never asked me for any documents despited that i told her and showed her few documents but she never had a look at them i was for a visa applying to attend my cousins wedding(The same uncles son whom i used to visit) also had his invitationcard with me. What would you suggest? I want to reapply & when should i apply third time or should i rather not re apply at all? Please suggest.

It is very strange to hear your situation, but unfortunately, we do not know what they really look at for issuing B1/ B2 visa. We see this often with parents trying to visit as well… But, your case is different and because you have been traveling so much and have really good history, I would say, it is definitely worth another shot or two. I do not know, if you have to change anything, but make sure all of your US Travel history is captured well in your DS-160 application. Hope it will be positive.

Yeah i had mentioned all my travel history in ds 160 and also in 2nd attempt in explaination for rejection i wrote, “I was shocked to know denial of my visa application, i have been to so many countries including usa and have never broken any american law including immigration law and have never overstayed still my application was rejected without giving any proper reason hence i urge consular officer to re consider my case properly after verifiying all the documennts.” This is what i wrote in ds 160 visa refusal explain field but despite all this they outrightly refused my application second time. Anyways i’m thinking of visiting some other country(s) may be to some visa free country and then to europe before applying next time may be that will help.

Yeah, maybe…It is so strange, there is no reason…Give it another go as you said, hopefully it gets approved !