B1\ B2 Visa Renewal Interview weaver - OFC appointment New Delhi VAC, document drop at Chennai VAC?

Dear Team,

Applying B1\B2 Visa Renewal Interview Renewal for parents, seen the below details on the US Visa Scheduling portal effective 1st April so seeking the clarification.

“”““Regardless, of the location of the consular post for which the interview waiver appointment is scheduled, applicants can still submit their documents free of cost at any of the five Visa Application Centers in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, or New Delhi””“”

As currently only New Delhi VAC is having appointments for B2 Visa Renewal - Interview weaver category, Pls. suggest if the applicants can submit the documents at Chennai VAC at the same time for which appointment is booked at New Delhi.

For example if the applicants book B2 Visa Renewal Interview Waiver case appointment for New Delhi VAC at 29th April 10 AM, can at the same time instead of going to New Delhi VAC can the applicants visit Chennai VAC and provide the documents and finger prints ?

Did any one of you gone through this experience recently, Pls. help.

Thanks in Advance.

Yes, it is clearly written, Many have done it. You can submit it in Chennai. No fingerprints for Interview Waiver.
If you have already submitted, do share your experience here as well for community benefit.

Thanks kumar, we are not aware and so the question.
We submitted application after call to VFS and got the clarification.

Booked B2 visa slot at New Delhi VAC, at the appointment date visited Chennai VFS office, only one applicant was asked to come inside and submit the documents, only DS-160 , appointment confirmation letter and fee receipt was taken, all other documents including letter etc are all returned, all process finished in 15 mins.

Hello Mahi,

How did your B1\B2 Visa Renewal for parents did go? Can you please help me with below questions.

  1. Please share the list of documents needed for the drop off
  2. What option did you selected for this question “Person / Entity paying for your Trip” in a DS-160 as SELF? If other options selected, what additional documents needed for drop off. Please advise.

Note: Both of my parents are retired.

Thanks in Advance.

  1. We followed the list present on this forum , there is a seperate page with list of all documents, at VAC they collected only DS-160, passports, appointment confirmation and fee receipt, my parents visa is renewal of B2 , for caegories it can be different.
  2. i marked as Person paying as son ( myself), submitted employment proof, bank statement and visa documents.

VISA is still under processing, its been 10 days since we submitted the documents.